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Rattlesnake Clinic
SATURDAY 4.7.2019 & SUNDAY 4.8.2019
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Rattlesnake Avoidance Training for Dogs is both days - Anti venom injections on the 6th. The Santa Rosa Plateau Riding Club spends ALL funds from this life saving clinic on the Santa Rosa Plateau trails.

There are several groups that have begun to hold clinics as an income generator. Please save your money for the Riding Club sponsored Clinic on April 6 & 7 to be assured that what you pay not only benefits your dog but also goes back into improving your community.This Clinic is taught by professional dog and snake handlers.The Santa Rosa Plateau Riding Club is the event Sponsor. This clinic is a safe, humane and proven way to teach your dog to avoid rattlesnakes. Rattlesnakes can be found almost anywhere, and their bites are quite common, dangerous and usually very expensive to treat. Our avoidance training teaches dogs to recognize and stay away from the scent, sound and sight of rattlesnakes they become aware of.

The safety and comfort of your dog is our highest priority! The training takes place in a controlled environment using a remote training-collar system adjusted specifically to each dog’s temperament, personality and physical response characteristics. We use only the minimum level of stimulation to produce the desired education. Yearly training is recommended to refresh and strengthen your dog’s rattlesnakes awareness. You can either pay by check, Download flyer: RattleSnakeClinicFlyer2019.pdf or PayPal.

You will be notified by email of your appointment time, event location and directions. Kindly arrive 20 minutes before your first scheduled appointment. NO REFUNDS after March 24. Save the date/time calendar for the training and the vaccine. NO CAMERAS OR VIDEO TAPING PLEASE.
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