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The Santa Rosa Plateau is an equestrian friendly community made up of private communities of La Cresta, La Cresta Highlands, Meadow Oaks, Santa Rosa West, Tenaja and the Trails.

The Santa Rosa Plateau Riding Club is an active group of equestrians and plateau residents who promote
neighborly community activities.

Recreational trails cover the plateau providing opportunities for hikers and horseback riders.

Membership is open to all property owners or residents on the Santa Rosa Plateau.

The objectives of the Club are:
  • To create and preserve riding trails on the Santa Rosa Plateau.
  • Promote better horsemanship.
  • Sponsor equestrian social activities such as horse shows, play days, trail rides, dinners and camp-outs.
  • Coordinate the trails between the different Plateau Property owner Associations.
"The Residential area of the Santa Rosa Plateau has extensive private horseback riding trails & recreational trails. There are no public maps. Plateau Trail Coordinator:
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