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Hoofbearts 2022

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Santa Rosa Plateau Riding Club now gives you the opportunity to pay for Dues, Rides and Events online.
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In line with its overall strategy to further improve membership services through increased utilization of the website, SRPRC has implemented an online payment system for the annual membership dues, special events and our trail rides.

Please fill out the Membership Application and Mail SRPRC membership check to: SRPRC PO Box 9, Wildomar, CA 92595
If you would like to help out, check one of the boxes on the Application. And let us know if you have a special skill or contribution!
• Ride Sign Ins Drink Ticket
• Sales 50/50 Ticket Sales
• New Membership Committee
• Telephone Committee
• “Water” Truck Tender
• Trail Maintenance Volunteers
• Move Club Trailer
• Host a Potluck (80–100 people) Indoors
• Host a Potluck Outdoors
• Host a Clinic or Educational Gig
• Harvest Festival Dance Committee
• 4th of July Committee
• Christmas Party Committee
• Set up Tables/Chairs for event/s
• Fundraiser Committee
• Clean up after event/s
• Host an Event/Ride
• Kids Events / Youth Coordinator
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