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Plateau Safety
Wildfire Packing List:
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How To Check on Local Fires, go to

1. Computers, tablets, laptops, Jewelry & Cash
2. Medications – First Aid Kit
3. Address Book, Club Directory, Cell phones and Chargers
4. Photo Albums – video of house in & out
5. Insurance policy, office phone and after hours number
6. Valuables, passports, pink slips
7. Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates & photos on flash drive
8. Put valuable papers & items listed here in car hours before evacuation
9. Have handkerchief or face mask, goggles, bottled water, pets and their food
10. Evacuate when asked by authorities. Don’t wait until the roads are full of cars and horse trailers & fastest speed is 1 mph like on Oct, 26 in La Cresta
11. Know the front way to the city and back roads to get off of the Plateau

INSIDE HOUSE Wildfire Precautions
• Close all interior doors–leave a light on in each room
• Fill bathtubs, buckets and sinks with water. Have towels available to dunk into water and put out any embers
• Remove drapes & curtains from windows
• Move combustible furniture items away from windows
• Turn off all pilot lights

OUTSIDE HOUSE for Wildfire
• Put patio furniture in house
• Close ALL vents & Garage Doors
• Put ladder up to house and unlatch automatic garage doors to help firemen
• Shut off propane
• Make sure there is a hose attached to every hose bib
• Put sprinkler on roof, turn on & leave for your safety
• Make sure tree branches are trimmed up 15 to 20 ft high & at least 10ft from the chimney
• Have roofs & rain gutters cleared of leaves - disaster kit: and
Fire Escape Route/Disaster Plan
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